Publicity and media relations are our core capability.  Catalyst Communications has a reputation for results – check out our philosophy to see why.

Whether you are launching a new product, opening a new restaurant or need to raise awareness of your brand on a local and national level, Catalyst will build and execute a targeted media relations campaign to support your business or organization’s goals.  But all firms offer that.  There are two key differences at Catalyst: commitment and experience.

Many of our clients have turned to Catalyst after having a rough experience at larger firms where the senior team member who landed the account disappeared and an inexperienced account supervisor became the day-to-day contact.  Because these agencies have such high overhead, handing you off to an inexpensive young person is the only way they can make a profit.

Although young people will be on your Catalyst team, you can count on senior team leaders being involved in your campaign on a daily basis. Catalyst is committed to delivering senior counsel to each client on a daily basis.

The other key difference you will find at Catalyst is experience.  Julia brings a unique blend of corporate, agency, and journalistic experience to the table.  It gives us a unique perspective that allows us to cut through the clutter to get at media relations strategies and tactics that truly work for our clients.