Media Relations

Whether you are launching a new product, opening a new restaurant or need to raise awareness of your brand on a local and national level, Catalyst Communications has a reputation for results – check out our philosophy to see why.

Catalyst will build and execute a targeted media relations campaign to support your business or organization’s goals.  But all firms offer that. There are two key differences at Catalyst: commitment and a unique blend of experience.

The senior team member you met on day one of your relationship with Catalyst will be involved in your media strategy on a daily basis.  That’s a commitment not every PR firm can make.

The other key difference you will find at Catalyst is experience.  The Catalyst team brings a unique blend of corporate, agency, and journalistic experience to the table.  It gives us a unique perspective that allows us to cut through the clutter to get at media relations strategies and tactics that truly work for our clients.


Video Production

Video marketing, once an up-and-coming content strategy, is quickly becoming the must-have strategy – a powerful way to express your brand, explain your value proposition, and build a more meaningful relationship with customers.  Here are the stats: 55% of people watch videos online every day,  social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, and including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (stats compiled by


Catalyst began meeting this growing demand several years ago by expanding our service offerings to include video production, first by adding award-winning videographer Chris Cross and then expanding to include a team of experienced videographers and producers.

As with all of Catalyst’s services, we work hard to offer video at a price that makes it easily integrated into our client’s PR and marketing programs.  That being said, quality is never sacrificed.  Check out our latest video work on Vimeo, and while you’re at it, check out Chris’ still photography on Flickr.


Catalyst Communications has concepted, executed, and publicized events from press conferences to VIP launch parties to art installations to polo matches.  We’ve created memorable events for 60 people or 600 for clients such as St. Louis Jewish Federation, Dot Foods, Beyond Housing, Harrah’s St. Louis, Variety St. Louis, the Fabulous Fox Theatre, STAGES St. Louis, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Kelly English Steakhouse, The Crescent in Clayton, Wexford Science & Technology, and Cricket, to name a few.


Media Training

Catalyst offers general media training, crisis media training and broadcast performance training.

Media Training

Catalyst Communications’ media training is unique because our trainer has both pointed the camera and faced the camera herself.  Julia Bishop-Cross has done dozens upon dozens of interviews both as a company spokesperson and as a television newscast reporter.  In media training you learn the tricks of the trade, what the media expect of you, and what you have the right to expect from them.

Crisis Media Training

Don’t face the cameras alone – learn how to handle a media interview in a crisis from a trainer who has stood in that spotlight for two major airlines.

Broadcast Performance Training

Many of us who step in front of the camera to promote our companies and ourselves could use the practical advice offered in this special training session.  An experienced on-air news personality covers what to wear, hair, make-up, and presentation.  One-on-one prep for specific interview scenarios also available.

Crisis Communications

It’s the last thing you want to happen but the first thing your company needs to prepare for – a potential crisis.  Catalyst team leader Julia Bishop-Cross has helped clients through disasters big and small, including acting as a front lines spokesperson for American Airlines during the attacks and aftermath of 9/11.  Catalyst can help you prepare for potential issues with development of a step-by-step crisis communications plan, message development, and media training.  And when a crisis happens, Catalyst is there to help your company manage and recover.