Catalyst offers general media training, crisis media training and broadcast performance training.

Media Training

Catalyst Communications’ media training is unique because our trainer has both pointed the camera and faced the camera herself.  Julia Bishop-Cross has done dozens upon dozens of interviews both as a company spokesperson and as a television newscast reporter.  In media training you learn the tricks of the trade, what the media expect of you, and what you have the right to expect from them.

Crisis Media Training

Don’t face the cameras alone – learn how to handle a media interview in a crisis from a trainer who has stood in that spotlight for two major airlines.

Broadcast Performance Training

Wendy Erikson

Many of us who step in front of the camera to promote our companies and ourselves could use the practical advice offered in this special training session.  Experienced news anchor Wendy Erikson takes the lead, covering what to wear, hair, make-up, and presentation.  One-on-one prep for specific interview scenarios also available.